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Shopping in Salzburg is famous.

Do you know our traditional garment's?

For women we have the traditional "dirndl" which is a dress, for the men we have the "lederhose" which is leather pants.

Farmer Markets

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Salzburg's weekly farmer markets and choose from the local specialities and homemade treats.


Some markets, like the green market (Grünmarkt) at “Universitätsplatz”, the “Schranne” at “Mirabellplatz” on Thursdays, or the farmer’s organic food market (Bio-Bauernmarkt) at “Kajetanerplatz” on Fridays have become long-standing institutions.


Lovers of good food and drink will find plenty of exquisite culinary specialities around Salzburg’s markets. It’s all local and organic produce – fruit and vegetables, meat, fowl, cheese, fish, cakes, sweet pastries and fresh bread! Come and discover the wide range of delicious items on offer!



Every Saturday from 8 am - 12:30pm


Daily Market - Grünmarkt


Monday - Friday from 7am - 7pm

Saturday from 7am - 3pm


Organic farmers market


Every Friday 8am - 1pm


Weekly Market - Schranne


Thursday 5am - 1pm

(Wednesday, if Thursday is a public holiday)

Traditional Costumes

The global capital city of tracht


Salzburg is the global capital city of Tracht! It is home to 26 Tracht tailors’ and dressmakers’, numerous traders, and the location of the world’s number one Tracht trade fair. People on the lookout for ‘stylish threads’ are sure to find what they are looking for in the old part of town. There are young and trendy new designers alongside long-established business, and both offer great opportunities to spot celebrities searching for that special something.

Gössl - gwandhaus

Gössl, a traditional Salzburg enterprise with over 30 shops and more than 150 distributors, has become an established name among trachten producers. 100,000 outfits are manufactured for men, women and children each year, many of them hand-made. In addition to the traditional dirndl and jackets, the line of products also includes apparel for business, leisure and festive occasions. The offer is rounded off by accessories such as shawls, silk scarves, gloves and handbags. 


Have a look on their website: Gössl - Gwandhaus

Moser Tracht & Mode

The wide range of jackets, coats, kilts, capes, slacks, skirts, blouses, shirts, lederhosen, dirndls, loden wear and pullovers manufactured by H. Moser for women, men and children is remarkable. Two new collections for spring/summer and fall/winter fashions are designed each year, integrating the latest trends in color, design and fabrics in traditional Trachten styles.

H. Moser also manufactures all of the Trachten costumes for the cast of "The Sound of Music“ musical at the Salzburg State Theater starring Uwe Kröger and Wietske van Tongeren: dirndls made of

embroidered velvet, loden jackets, worsted yarn frocks, lederhosen and much, much more.


Have a look on their website: Moser Tracht & Mode

Shopping Centres


EUROPARK Salzburg delivers an unparalleled experience and a variety of shops. This mall on the edge of the city of Salzburg is considered to be the most beautiful in Europe. It has received awards as the world's best mall in the categories architectural design and sustainable development.


Have a look on their website: Europark

Designer Outlet Salzburg

Designer Outlet Salzburg attracts visitors with the stylish elegance of its traditional Shopping arcades – and a selection that has to be seen to be believed: fashions for women, men and children, shoes and accessories, intimate apparel, watches and jewelry, sports- and recreational wear, along with lifestyle accessories and exciting gift ideas. The 200 top labels include famous names such as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Desigual, Diesel, Escada, Guess, Hugo Boss, Jil Sander, Strenesse, Tom Tailor Denim, X-Bionic, Puma and Samsonite. And all of this at prices reduced by 30 to 70 percent!


Have a look on their website: Designer Outlet Salzburg

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